Luxury Custom Built Cabins & Homes

Blue Ridge and Fannin County Georgia

Honesty. Craftsmanship. Professionalism.

Trevor Shonkwiler has been a homebuilder in Georgia for more than 20 years. Throughout his career, he’s built more than 1,000 homes with a combination of custom and single-family homes, multi-family communities, townhomes, and two-story office complex commercial projects. He’s been awarded many industry awards, including a two-time Community of the Year recipient.

Building on his extensive experience and knowledge, Trevor and TS Family Homes now exclusively offer custom luxury homes and cabins in Blue Ridge and Fannin County, Georgia.

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Our mission to provide the highest quality of personalized service and product is accomplished through the relationship that we build with each client and our subcontractors, most of whom have worked with Trevor throughout his building career. Maintaining long-term relationships with bankers, architects, designers, trade partners, and field staff enables our managers to ensure we work effectively as a team, with every person focused on delivering the best product on schedule with our client’s vision as the guide.

TS Family Homes operates on Trevor’s core values - honesty, craftsmanship, and professionalism. Our core values allow us to make relationships our highest priority, seen throughout each step of our approach to the building process.

Our team of architects, project managers, and builders will work closely with our clients to ensure that their expectations are met through each stage of the building process- from initial design through post-construction warranty and support.

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